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Joining/Renewal instructions

PostPosted: Sun May 23, 2010 7:30 pm
by admin
Before completing the form below, please note that there are things to do before you can be fully called a responder.

On the forum there are sections to watch such as Training and Group events. Before you can be called out you must attend some form of training day that are posted in the Training section. These can be map exercises or full days at a location to look at off road handling. These are firstly to make sure that you know the basics of your vehicle, and to look at the equipment that you would carry with you. If you have little or no off road experience then don't worry as we can guide you through with our collective experience. We will also respect your own personal limits to how far you wish to go and tailor guidance to suit.

As a responder you will be on the callout list to respond to callouts from various user bodies. During the year we also attend other event, shows and support charities with their events. Responders are expected to try and support at least one event in the region through the year.

Any events that are of interest to the group are always posted on the forum in good time so things can be organised. With this in mind it is good practise to visit the forum regularly to keep yourself up to date with current events and general goings on with the group.

If this is still something that you feel you can support and contribute to then please click the link below. These are what you need to become a member of Northwest 4x4 Response as opposed to just a member of the forum.You will need to send a suitable picture of yourself for your ID card. Pictures can either be in digital form (prefered) or a hard copy passport type sent by mail. Membership fees are renewed at the anniversary of your joining.

The joining fees are as follows;

Responder £10 per year
Associate £5 per year

Please indicate on the form which level of membership you would like to apply for.

Once the form is completed it can simply be submitted online. Payment can the be made.

If there are any questions about joining, the membership secretary can be contacted with the following e-mail address;


[b]To apply for membership click here for the form