Training Day May 2016

Upcoming Events for 2016

This is a list of events that we currently have booked in. More events will be added as we get them.

R/A Only 14/15 May – Race for Life – Delamere

R/A 28-30 May – Chipping Steam Fair

R/A Only 5 June – Pennine Lancashire 10k walk Burnley

R/A 12 June – Myerscough

R/A Only 19 June – Race for Life – Aintree – Liverpool

R/A Only 24-26 June – Race for Life – Tatton Park
R/A Only 25 June – Landrover pull – Bolton Hospital
R/A Only 2/3 July – Race for Life – Liverpool
R/A 2 July Family Fun day – City airport, Barton
R/A 3 July Fire and Ambulance Station open day, Preston
R/A & R/A Only 28 July – 1 August – Carfest North – Bolesworth Castle – Cheshire

R/A 4 August – 999 Emergency Services Day – Trafford Centre – Trafford Park

R/A 12-14 August – Royal Lancashire Show

R/A 13-14 August – Lowther Show
R/A 3-4 September – City Airport Big Weekend, Barton
R/A 16-18 September – Land Rover Owners International Show – Peterborough

R/A Only 21-22 September – 999 Emergency Services Show – Birmingham NEC Hall 5
Emergency Services Day 2016, NEC Arena

R/A 24-25 September – Adventure Overland – Stratford Racecourse – Stratford-on-Avon

R/A 24-25 September – National AGM

As part of NW4x4R’s ongoing promotional strategies, the group attends various events throughout
the year. To clearly define where children are welcome at such events, the group utilises a three tier
system as defined below:

1. F – Family event where everyone is welcome at all times including on the stand. We
encourage people to come down and participate in the day’s activities.

2. R/A – Standard event, however children and non-responders / associates are requested to
vacate the stand during the event unless for a short period of time to get food, clothing etc.
At these events the groups’ professionalism is under scrutiny from other user bodies and as
such we endeavour to present ourselves in such a way that would be akin to other formal
voluntary services (MREW/BSar/Alsar).

3. R/A Only – Only ID card holding members are able to attend these events due to their
nature. Such examples of an R/A Only event would be the Emergency Services Day at the NEC
where it is only open to professional members over 18.

More information can be found on the Forum.

8 May AGM Success

The AGM was held on 8 May at the Global Renewables Education Centre in Leyland, it was a huge success with a great turnout of both new and existing members.

A huge Thank You to everyone who attended ( some attending via messaging)

Myerscough College 7th June

This Sunday will see another fantastic year of the Myerscough College Open Day & Show. We will once again be providing a live display as well as competing to hold our title in the Seesaw Challenge! We look forward to seeing you there!.

From their website:


More than 250 different attractions are on offer for the ever popular event, that last year saw a record attendance of around 16,500 flock to the college’s main site at Bilsborrow, near Preston.

Once again this year there will be the usual demonstrations, shows and interactive activities from the colleges many diverse subject areas as well as food, drink and live music and entertainment. Prospective students also got the chance to see the beautiful campus at its best and chat with tutors and staff from each area.

Highlights of the day  will include Motorsport and Farm Machinery displays and activities, the popular Sheep Show, Gundogs, Falconry, Parade of Hounds, Archery, Laser Clay and Airgun Rifle Shooting and a Lancashire Young Farmers Tug of War competition.

For horse lovers, there will be a fantastic range of events at our state of the art Equestrian Arena while animal enthusiasts will enjoy looking at Children’s Pets and a range of Veterinary Nursing Events. We will also have many activities and exhibitions within our Agriculture, Countryside and Rural Skills Zones with a dedicated Countryside Arena.

Also returning is the ‘Made in Lancashire’ Food Fayre which will be displaying local produce for people to purchase, sample and eat including cheeses, meats and fudge. There will also be a Farmers Market Food Stall and a full range of other catering, refreshment and bar outlets.

Children are likely to be kept busy with our new Adventure Zone while others will find great delight in exploring our superb landscaped gardens and floral design and photographic exhibitions.

Ann Turner, Chief Executive and Principal of Myerscough College, said: “We hope the Open Day and Country Fair this year will be our best yet. The feedback we have is always extremely positive. It’s great to see the crowds coming to see us and happy smiling faces everywhere all over campus. It is certainly a full day’s event and even then it is a challenge to get around the entire
campus as there are so many diverse activities from our many subject areas!”

‘’We try and make the whole day a celebration of everything that is ‘Myerscough’ and all that is best within our sector. We hope everyone has a fabulous time.’’

Pay on the gate ticket prices are as follows:

  • Adults aged 16-64: £10
  • Adults aged 65+: £8
  • Children aged 6-15: £5
  • Family of up to 2 adults and 2 children: £20
  • Children aged 5 and under: FREE

Myerscough College Preston Centre, St Michaels Road, Bilsborrow, Lancs PR3 0RY

NW 4X4 Response AGM 2015

On Sunday 10th May at 12:00, NW 4×4 Response had its 2015 AGM.

This years turnout was fantastic, with numbers almost double from 2014!

We are hoping to continue on from this years numbers for 2016, so get the date in your diary’s early as the 2016 AGM has already been pencilled in for Sunday 8th May 2016.

This years AGM took place at the Global Renewables Education Centre in Leyland, A fantastic venue with great facilities, we were so impressed it will be the venue for next years AGM and also for future committee meetings.

For minutes from the meeting, please Click here.

This years committee is as follows

John Forsdick, as Chairman
Stephen Cresswell as Vice Chair
Phil Aldred as Secretary
Helen Rafferty as Treasurer
Ian Bruce as Membership Secretary
Ernie Ward as Training Officer
Duncan Sanders as Events Co-Ordinator
Jack Donaldson & Andrea Cresswell as the Communications team

We look forward to seeing you there next year!

Chipping Steam Fair 23rd-25th May

This coming bank holiday weekend North West 4×4 Response will be on stand at this years Chipping Steam Fair. We will be there all weekend so feel free to come over and have a chat to us and ask any questions.

The address for the show is

Chipping Steam Fair
Green Lane Show Ground
Green Lane

Head over to the shows website for more info

We look forward to seeing you there!

Blackburn Royal Hospital NHS 30/01/15

Howard (Group Controller) gave me a call around 22:30 to ask if I could do a couple of jobs. One in Haslingden the other in Prestwich. Due to the road conditions and having to travel over Grane road, which is notoriously bad when it snows, we decided to try and deploy another responder to the Prestwich deployment.
Howard gave me the location of the stranded doctor and I asked him if he could re-contact them to say I was on my way so I could set off as soon as possible. I logged onto tickets, checked mileage and then set off. Grane road was passable with a little care. When I got to Haslingden and turned into a side street the conditions deteriorated quickly. I followed the road for a mile or so going past a tractor ploughing the road which was about 3 or 4 inches deep in snow and ice.
I found the doctors car by the side of the road and after a quick scene check, hello and identifying myself, it was decided to move the doctors car to a less vulnerable carpark across the road. So out with the bag of salt and a push and we managed to get it onto the carpark. Left a note in the window explaining why it was there.
There were no other vehicles about except the tractor. on a lonely road, bad conditions and the tractor driver didn’t bother to ask if she was alright. It was obvious she couldn’t move.
So… we moved her gear into my vehicle and off back down the road. Just as we got onto Grane road it started to snow, then got worse. The doctor was nervous because of the conditions. We slowed to about 10mph and could barely see 40 feet ahead. We carried on slowly until getting to the Blackburn end of the road. It was a complete white out and was now only passable by a 4×4 with great care. From there it was just down the road to the hospital. Everything white.
A couple of ambulances where going out very slowly as expected. I dropped of the doctor at the hospital, then parked out of the way to send Howard a welfare check and to clear the snow from the front of my vehicle and lights. From there it was slowly home. Recorded mileage, checked bag of salt and then sent Howard a text message to let him know I was home and to check on the other responders who were out.


John Forsdick. (NW031)

Lees District Nurses 29/01/15

This morning we had a call asking for assistance quite urgently to transport District Nurses to make home visits around the local area and bordering onto Saddleworth. I was informed that road conditions were rather bad with vehicles sliding down hills almost everywhere.

Didn’t sound too bad until I looked at the responder availability list for deploying somebody suitable. Therein lied the problem. I had already been told that there were two nurses who would need to make the visits which meant that anybody with only two seats (driver and passenger) was ruled out. Then there was the urgency of getting somebody there as quickly as possible as they should have already started off their visits twenty minutes before calling us!

I contacted Duncan (NW040 Group Controller) as the nearest and most suitable vehicle and driver was actually me! We agreed that it was the best choice with conditions and timescale and so I handed over controllers duty to Duncan, got myself sorted and went out. A quick text to Duncan with start mileage, logged onto Tickets so that the live tracking was operational and off I went.

The journey there was an event in itself due to there being a huge queue on the M60 so a bit of local knowledge came in very handy and I came off at the next junction and made my way via some more minor roads and picked up the motorway further round where the main obstructions were not causing such mayhem. eventually I arrived at the offices for the District Nurses, updated the Tickets and informed Duncan along with my mileage up until then and picked up what turned out to be three of the staff who were making the visits. We set off and thankfully I was able to be given precise directions from the nurses as to where to go.

The conditions were quite bad and even some of the more major roads were ‘passable with care’ and the side streets being ‘use extreme caution’ due to the depth of the snow and also the gradient. Many of the roads we travelled down were covered in virgin snow that nobody had driven along and I got quite a few looks from people who seemed shocked that I was even attempting them. Anyway, the deployment continued with me carrying out my welfare checks and keeping Duncan informed as to the road and weather conditions and whether I was happy to continue or even felt the need for another assisting responder. At the end of all the visits I returned the nurses to their offices, notified Duncan of the fact, gave him my mileage and set off for home. On arrival back home I again contacted Duncan and let him know the mileage and that I was back home safely.

This is one of our new user bodies and so I think it was beneficial to make as good an impression as possible.


Howard Buckley – Team Training Officer (NW012)

Bolton Mountain Rescue Joint Exercise

As some of you may know, a few of our members joined up with Bolton Mountain Rescue Team on Sunday the 16th November to brave the cold weather for a training exercise. We had four people who volunteered to take on the part of casualties whilst a further two took on driving roles transporting search technicians, equipment and food to various locations when required.

The morning started with us meeting up at 08:15 at the BMRT headquarters before setting off for the exercise rendezvous point where ‘wounds’ were applied to those who were to be ‘injured’ and myself and John familiarised ourselves with how to make a coffee.

Slowly but surely more vehicles started arriving until the car park was rather full. Bolton MRT sent four Land Rover Defenders, their control vehicle, team minibus and also their catering trailer which supplied everyone with food and drinks throughout the day. Pendle and Rossendale MRT sent their very new 64-plated Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 control vehicle. I didn’t actually get the chance to work out exactly how many vehicles there were from the following, but there were also personnel from Remote Medic UK, Cheshire Search and Rescue and also (if I recall correctly) Norfolk MRT and also North Wales MRT(although I may have got the names of these groups slightly wrong). There was also attendance from Greater Manchester Police, Lancashire Police Road Policing Unit, National Police Air Service (Warton) and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service who turned up with a pump (they don’t call them Fire Engines any more) and a Pinzgauer 6×6.

In total there were five different scenarios with varying types of injuries being played out in various areas and the teams swapped over during the day to complete each task. During the course of the day myself and John were asked on many occasions to transport a variety of things to various locations which we happily did. One of the highlights for me personally was being able to see what goes on from a control side for the Mountain Rescue Teams when they are out and also seeing the Police helicopter circling round many times and also landing on the hill-top on the opposite side of the road. There was a couple of chaps who turned up with a drone and seeing the clarity of the pictures was amazing (again something that I am sure Duncan would have liked!)

All in all, it was a super day and everyone who turned up for it said they had had a brilliant time.

For a link to more pictures, please visit

Thanks to Howard for the report

BMRT Ex 161114 Group

NW 4×4 Response at the Fells Marathon

On Saturday 4th October 2014, 5 of our responders made an early start to offer their time and vehicles to aid in the running of the Fells Marathon in the Forest of Bowland area.

5 of our Responders from all over the region came together to assist the running of the day.

Our roles included transporting(and providing shelter to) communication staff, checkpoint controllers and roaming rescue patrols, over land that would normally be inaccessible to normal vehicles. We were also involved in transporting any injured participants to a nearby checkpoint for first aid.

The day was a complete success, with only a minor incident involving injured walkers.

Thanks again to all responders who gave up their time and vehicles to help out this event.


North West 4×4 Response at Lowther Show

We are pleased to announce that North West 4×4 Response will be exhibiting at Lowther Show, on the 9th and 10th August 2014. We hope that you can come along and have a chat and find out who we are, and what we do. We will be showcasing some of our vehicles and some of the equipment and technology we utilise whilst out on call or at an event.

Countryman Fairs Ltd, who manage the game fair, have kindly donated a pitch to NW 4X4 Response at no cost to us, for which we are very grateful for the support. Their website can be found at

Lowther Show fair is easily accessible from the M6, and is located approximately five minutes from Junction 40. Additionally there are good rail links and a free shuttle bus from the town centre to the Showground.

For those driving come off the M6 and follow signs for A66, Penrith/Brough, at the next roundabout, take the last exit towards Eamont Bridge / Shap. Follow the yellow signs or the traffic to lowther. For people using satnav the address is as follows:

Lowther Estate
CA10 2HG

See you there!
Duncan Sanders
Events Coordinator – NW 4×4 Response

North West 4×4 Response at the Family Fun Day 2014 – City Airport, Barton

Many thanks to the team at City Airport for giving us the opportunity to have a stand at their event this Sunday.

For those interested, details can be found on the following website


We look forward to having a chat with everyone and hopefully raise some money to go towards our new ISU.




See you there!

Myerscough college open day.

Myrscough college open day and country fair, held on Sunday 8th June saw another good day out for the group. For the first time at this event the organisers gave us our own area and allowed us to build a small vehicle ability demonstration area.

The new group trailer also had it’s first outing.  Good turnout from group members made for a good family day as well. Overnight rain had made the site a bit slippery first thing but after an hour or so the sun had made the area passable and the ground soon made the days demonstrating an enjoyable event.


Multi Agency Exercise

On Wednesday evening, the 21st may, three committee members were involved in a multi agency exercise organised by Bolton mountain rescue and involving Greater Manchester fire service,  Northwest Ambulance service, NWAS HART team and Greater Manchester police.


Our group training officer, Howard Buckley, was asked by a member of Bolton mountain rescue if we cold help with an exercise they were holding. We were asked to provide casualties for the exercise. 4 of Howards children were asked to take part as casualties and members of the public. Ian Bruce and John Forsdick ( former BMRT member) were also asked to be involved as casualties.


The exercise had 3 different scenarios.  A father and child had fallen from a bridge and suffered major trauma, a man with a heart attack and a youth who had suffered an open fracture to his leg. The two latter scenarios were dumped on the emergency services as they dealt with the first incident.


The evening was a greasuccess with much learned all round. We have offered to off-road driver training for BMRT and hope to get this sorted soon.

A special thanks to all those involved and to Bolton Mountain Rescue for inviting us to join them.

Group Promotion Event 1st Feb 2014

North West 4×4 Response is holding a promotion day at Tesco Farnworth, Bolton on Saturday 1st February. A small group of responders will be on site all day, raising awareness of 4×4 Response and recruit new members.

The full address for Tesco Farnworth is:

Long Causeway
Greater Manchester


The day went well, albeit rather cold and windy (and then wet too) but we had chance to speak to quite a few people.

Promo At Tesco 010214 Cropped